Odoo is a powerful, customizable business management platform. If you're looking for help with your Odoo implementation, our consultants have the skills and experience to help you get started on the right path.

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We'll analyze your company's needs and help you create a customized platform that will benefit your business operations. Once we've helped you get started, we'll stay with you every step of the way—from training employees on how to use Odoo to providing ongoing support and maintenance if needed.

Why You Need an Odoo Consultant

Odoo is a powerful web-based open-source platform that helps small and medium businesses operate faster, engage customers more effectively, and sell more easily.

Odoo is much more than just a bunch of open-source software that enables users to create dashboards for sales management, customer relationship management (CRM), human resources management (HRMS), e-commerce, warehousing, and accounting. It provides easy access to multiple modules that can make your business more efficient. Odoo consulting from Almisned Technology can help your business leverage the power of a comprehensive platform to improve efficiency across a variety of business areas.

Types Of ODOO Consultancy

Odoo Functional Consultant

Odoo Functional Consultants provide engagement to qualify customer needs for corporate services and products. We leverage our experience in the account to design and configure the platform to be more user-friendly to its users, which can be accomplished through the use of our previous experience in the industry, strong knowledge of operations within each sector, and solution options that can overcome challenges during operations as well as integration with other platforms.

Odoo Technical Consultants

Odoo Technical Consultants are skilled in the design and development of custom applications for a variety of business needs. It's our goal to make your business operations more efficient, flexible, and secure. Our consultants have detailed knowledge of coding, are capable of module creation for user applications, and modify them as per the requirements. Additionally, we conduct tests for the reliability and operational capabilities of the developed platform.

Importance of Odoo Consultancy

Odoo Consultants are temporary employees with previous experience working in different companies. They provide a safe zone for your controversial projects, without any hassle. They can provide an in-depth report analyzing the potential of Odoo ERP for your business.