With the implementation of the application, the company  was able to take more orders and manage their processes efficiently. 

About Client: The client is one of the leading perfume manufacturer and distributor in Qatar. 

With and innovative production and business unit, the company is supplying more then 40 shops and more than 50 company with different product.

The Challenge

All in one software to manage complicated workflow of: 

Supply chain Management 
Production Management 
Distribution Management 
HR Management 
Online payement 
  • Build a smart CRM application which can store important customer information  

  • Design and develop a system that could automate repetitive tasks effectively. The tasks that needed to be automated were the generation of invoice number, invoice date, total amount, final amount (after applying the discount), customer information (who placed the order). The invoice information needed to be coupled with the feedback information such as order (for which the feedback is for), product rating, hygiene rating and overall experience description.

  • The application should help the client track contacts, opportunities and manage a team to increase sales.

The Solution


The project began with our business analytics and software architects outlining the optimal architecture of this state-of-the-art A manufacturing application. To put the icing on the cake our experts refined the functional requirements, created a comprehensive product vision, and conceptualized the development roadmap.



The CRM application helped the customer to effectively automate repetitive tasks. The application sent a custom email notification, every time a new customer was added to the system, when an order was placed and when the order was delivered. When an order was delivered the customer received a custom link to log their feedback. This helps reduce workload, boosts efficiency and minimizes the risk of errors.

The Results

Almisned  Technology  helped the customer to implement the ERP system application in no time and as desired and ensured that the deliverables were on time while maintaining the utmost quality. 

  • Enhanced Business Reporting: Better reporting tools with real-time information. 
  • Better customer service: better access to customer information.
  • Improved Inventory Costs.
  • Boosted Cash Flow.
  • Cost Savings.
  • Better Data & Cloud Security.
  • Business Process Improvements.
  • Supply Chain Management.


Product a day 
Orders a day
Increase in efficiency