Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


For a long period of time we thought large business require complicated system and huge investment, NOT anymore.

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


Get any process done at any time, any where and as simple as few clicks, ODOO various platform integration.

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


Automate your daily routine tasks and focus on how to earn money, ODOO will take care of your daily tasks.

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


Look at your business details without the need of complex programming and different design for each department.

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


A single user can do multitask due to ODOO assisting environment, thus your business will require less users to accomplish tasks.

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


Track users activities to record transactions and compare the results to your standards will let you know your performance ratio.


We always thought that large scale companies required complicated system and large system integrator who shows their logo everywhere in the world to dictate their existence in the world. Systems is not at all about who is delivering it, Systems is meant to make our life simple and easy to spare our precious time living a good life everywhere.

Numbers talks about ODOO in half a year ago there was 4 millions users and by mid 2020 it becomes 5 millions and increasing. This grow is not because of marketing campaign or spending hard time convincing our users to join ODOO, after joining us you will find out how much loss you had in the past.

ODOO is the giant who lead the market now and after, no competition can meet ODOO capability to develop and expand. More than 26000 optional Apps are available by mid 2020 to choose from what you need to your business.


The system allow you to install any App from your mobile or stationary and use it directly. Millions of user defined the common configuration for you and you can share yours as well, little configuration to utilize your business data and go online or even start e-Commerce.

Using ODOO is common like your modern mobile apps. You are familiar with the interface before even you start since you either using IOS or Android you will find ODOO similar in concept but huge in between.

You can start small and grow up your system. Start with any department and if you need to integrate another one just install the related app which will operate integrated with other apps without any extra configuration.


ODOO present a very easy method to automate your daily tasks. With minimum knowledge of logic you can create an automated action if a trigger (reason) occur, just write "Automated" and start to automate your business daily work and the system will do it for 24/7, yes as simple as that.

You can monitor any kind of trigger or any reason to allow ODOO to react. There are many reasons will cause a system reaction, such as Creation, Deletion, Updating, Creating & Updating or even based on Timed Condition or Form Modification.

System react in any kind of expected behavior. Depend on your knowledge or level of programming you can automate simple task to complex coding, you can Send an email or SMS, Create or Update a record, and even write a Python code to achieve any objective.


Details and information are managed by ODOO to allow you analyze it. Start your analysis looking at your dashboard and dive deep inside the details from there, ODOO put the required details in the right place whenever you need it.

Accounts dashboard gives you a quick overview of your current, past and future figures. Supplier, Customer Invoices are monitored properly and ODOO gives you the proper method to keep your cash flow controlled and avoiding receivable delay.

ODOO concept is implemented properly in Every app. All ODOO apps will have similar infrastructure that allow you very easily to link between departments and get the required data reported on time and look exactly as you expect.


Time saving is a major target in all ODOO apps. Eliminating the unnecessary tasks by letting ODOO doing it for you will save a lot of time from monitoring expiry dates, sending routine emails for a specific reason, and even watch your budget and alert your finance department for any deviation, perfect management for multi company business.

Process is reduced with ODOO. Due to the smart reports and linking of the departments in one window you will reduce the processes needed during communication between them, Once a sales order is created will be enough to move your production line without interfering in the processes.

Money will be generated by ODOO. It is a must to calculate how much money will be saved before we implement ODOO in your company, ODOO is your assistant who will work 24/7 without hesitating or lag of misunderstanding of any instruction. Your team will find a treasure once they start using its apps.


You do it or let ODOO support you. Giving ODOO  a task to monitor any record in your company and at specific reason the action will be done. Imagine how many data you can monitor with a system who are working 24/7. The cost to achieve this level of management is free.

Major management task to watch your resources and adjust according to your plan. With ODOO in your company watching each single resource from humans to machines will be a joy task, because of the ergonomic way used to show and share report even discuss a subject from the same window makes it easy for your team to understand what you are talking about.

Create any report and show it in the correct time. ODOO rely on the latest technology to create any required report, gather the data from different department and present it in a smart way to your board or your team will result in take the correct decision